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 Shortcuts to existing databases that will help you identify key words and locate programs and services related to palliative and hospice throughout the state:

I need to locate Vermont palliative or hospice care services / providers

I am  seeking information on home-based services.  Vermont Home Health and Hospice Agencies  provide palliative and hospice care and case management  at one's place of residence.  This includes home, assistive care and nursing facilities.

I am seeking to receive palliative / hospice care in  a  Vermont Hospital

I am seeking information on Vermont's only 13 bed, medicare- certified hospice home for the terminally ill.  away from home, specifically for people facing a life threatening illness.   Vermont Respite House.

I need to find a Vermont physican who is  certified in palliative / hospice medicine.  (select Vermont, then conduct your search).

I need to access non-medical community support services:

Friendly outreach programs- Programs that reach out to people who are hospitalized or in another institutional setting, are socially isolated due to disability or old age, or otherwise lack companionship with the objective of brightening their day and helping them to maintain contact with the outside world. Included may be in-person visits, telephone calls, Internet chat sessions or other forms of contact.

Home Delivered Meals- (Meals on Wheels)- Programs that prepare and deliver regular meals to older adults and people with disabilities who are unable to shop and/or prepare the food for themselves or travel to a site where a meal is being served.

Patient/family housing- Programs that provide temporary living quarters for people who are ill and for their families while the individual who is ill receives treatment or care. Included are programs that make it possible for family members to stay in local hotels, motels or other settings at no cost or a reduced cost, hotels and motels that provide discounts for people who are visiting an ill family member and programs that maintain special facilities for this purpose.

I need to plan ahead:

I would like information on advance directives and access legal documents / receive assistance with end of life care planning.

I need help understanding my medicare benefits

I would like to find counseling, support and or bereavement groups

Locate Vermont Bereavement Support Groups

Learn about Camp Knock Knock, a weekend camp for bereaved children and their families.

I am interested in locating information and resources

Public awareness and education on Death and Dying issues

Community General Health Education Programs 

Disease specific / disability information

Make a Wish 

I would like a snapshot of county-based, State run services and programs

State of Vermont Interactive Map- Please note this search will include programs that are not hospice and palliative care specific.

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