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Educational Media

Pioneers of Hospice: Changing the Face of Dying DVD

2005, Madison-Deane Initiative of the Visiting Nurse Association
Producers: Terrance Youk
Format: Special Extended Version, Color, Collector's Edition, Content/Copy-Protected DVD
Run Time: 49 minutes

Four visionaries stand out in the history of the modern hospice movement. What they saw of the process of dying changed their lives. They were appalled, not by the natural act itself, but how our society hides it, denies it, misunderstands it and fails utterly to cope with it. The makers of this film traveled to three countries to interview these remarkable pioneers. Meet Dame Cicely Saunders, Florence Wald, Elisabeth Kubler-Ross and Balfour Mount. The result of these reminiscences with the early founders of hospice is a documentary of historic importance and a riveting film.

To purchase a DVD of this film, please contact: Coleen Wright, Madison-Deane Initiative Coordinator, .

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