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Get The Conversation Starter Kit

The team from your local non-profit VNA, home health and hospice agency understands that it's difficult to discuss such a sensitive issue as end-of-life. We are here to make it easier, with the skill, caring and compassion to help patients and their families face difficult choices.

Good advance planning for health care decisions is a continuing conversation - about values, priorities, and the quality of one's life. To help you in this process, we have created a Conversation Starter Kit that includes information, worksheets, suggestions, and resources to help you understand your options and start the conversation with your family and your doctor. 

Conversation Starter Kit Basics:  

About Start the Conversation Brochure

Start the Conversation Checklist

Preparing to Talk with Your Doctor

Common Terms Associated with Advance Care Planning

Hospice and Advance Directive Facts

Getting Past the Resistance

Personal Medical Preferences Quiz

Medical Treatments Worksheet

Complete Conversation Starter Kit:

Start the Conversation Toolkit  
(20 page comprehensive kit,
PDF format)

In addition to these resources, the Vermont Ethics Network also offers a helpful book called, Taking Steps, to help you make choices for your medical care in the age of modern technology. It discusses:

  •   your rights as a patient;
  •   common treatment in critical and end-of-life care;
  •   how you can use legal documents called "advance directives" to leave instructions for your care if you become unable to speak for yourself.

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